Sir Robin Diesel Pannier Tank

Guide Dogs......

The Society has long been associated with Charitable events and we are not alone in this, many other societies around the country 'doing their thing' for charity.

We are almost famous (notorious?) for our 24 hour runs and with these, and other events over the years, have raised a lot of money for Charity.

Reg Berry, now running on the 5" gauge track in the sky, had a personal interest in the Guide dogs for the Blind and as a result, three guide dogs have been purchased by the Society.


It is something that we as a Society are quite rightly proud of and we wish to introduce you to our three dogs, Reg, Loco and Sprocket.

It's maybe something we (have to?) constantly remind ourselves of when it's pouring with rain and we're hiding under the station canopy and someone comes along and says, "Are you running mate?"

Us model engineers are a soft old bunch really, and hand on heart, it's what drew me to this club.


Sprocket is our latest purchase at the back end of 2007.

The dog names were chosen by the membership. Reg was obviously named after the man that this was started for, Reg Berry.

Loco - well it doesn't need explaining really, and Sprocket was chosen by the diesel contingent in the club - sorry Sprocket old boy.